8th Grade Information

8th Grade Graduation

Monday June 14, 2021 
Graduation Ceremony #1 8:30-9:15. classes: 808, 812, 816, 824, (Joe Malpeso 802 to come to this ceremony for sibling)
Graduation Ceremony #2  11:00-11:45 classes: 805, 807, 802, 806, 823, 825  
Tuesday June 15, 2021
Graduation Ceremony #3 8:30-9:15.  classes: 804, 801, 803
Graduation Ceremony #4  11:00- 11:45. classes: 820, 821, 822, 810, 811, 813. (Ethan Israel  815 to come to this ceremony for sibling)
Wednesday June 16, 2021 
Graduation Ceremony #5 8:30- 9:15.    classes: 814, 815
Graduation Ceremony #6 11:00-11:45.  classes: 817, 809.  (Divya Nadarajah from 815  to come this ceremony for sibling)


  • Arrive by 8:00 a.m. for the morning ceremony and 10:30 for the second ceremony.

  • Give yourself extra time to find parking around the surrounding blocks of the school. The ceremony will start promptly at 8:30 a.m.

  • All current CDC Covid-19 protocols will be enforced including social distancing and mask wearing for students and families.

  • Graduates should report to the main entrance on Ferndale Ave. and will be seated in the auditorium.

  • Graduates should be wearing their cap and gown at arrival.

  • Graduates can wear any appropriate clothing under their gown. (Do not wear high heels as graduates will have to walk upstairs to the stage).

  • Graduates are allowed to decorate their caps.

  • Each graduate is allowed to bring 2 guests ONLY.

  • Young children are discouraged from attending, however, if you choose to bring them they will be counted as a guest and the 2 guest per student rule will apply.

  • All guests should proceed to the line by the upper schoolyard on Travis Ave. and remain socially distanced as we check guests in to the ceremony.

  • No tickets will be distributed. Guests will be checked in by providing the student name and class.

  • At the conclusion of the ceremony 1 family member should meet their graduate in the upper schoolyard and leave the school premises promptly so we can sanitize for the next ceremony.

  • Each ceremony will be live streamed via ZOOM so family and friends can watch at home. A link will be provided closer to the ceremony.

  • Extra family and friends CANNOT stand on the perimeter of the schoolyard to watch.

  • The graduation ceremonies are optional. If you choose not to attend the student will still graduate. All students will be acknowledged in the Virtual Graduation Video.

  • Students will not receive their actual diploma on graduation day. They will receive them in their Swag Bags at a later date.

  • Further questions should be directed to ms.movsesian@roccolaurie.com.

Dear 8th Grade Families,  


Listed below is the information you will need regarding High School acceptance results.  All information will be provided directly to you from the Office of High School Enrollment via your myschools account and via email.  Please be sure to check those accounts.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms.Iburg, your child’s 8th grade guidance counselor, at Ms.Iburg@roccolaurie.com .Results will be released as of 12 p.m. on 5/21/2021. 


Accepting offers

Like previous years, students with one main round admissions offer are defaulted to accept that offer in MySchools. For these students to accept this offer and attend the school in fall 2021, there is nothing else the family needs to do. 


Students with more than one admissions offer (an offer to a program from their application and an offer to a Specialized High School) need to accept the offer they want. The deadline for these students to accept their offer is June 25. Families can accept the offer they want by doing the following: 

  1. Log into the family-facing MySchools site (myschools.nyc) and navigate to the “Waitlist” page. 


  • Waitlists will open in June 2021, several weeks after results from the high school application and LaGuardia High School auditions are released. 
  • Waitlists will close August of 2021 
  • Every high schools program has a waitlist, except the nine Specialized High Schools. The nine Specialized High Schools do not have waitlists. 
  • Any 8th grade can join high school waitlists, even if they did not submit a high school application. Check schools.nyc.gov/waitlists for updates. 
  • Information about waitlists for schools and familiesschools.nyc.gov/waitlists. 
  • Questions regarding waitlist can be directed to Waitlists@schools.nyc.gov  
  • Each high school program has its own separate waitlist. Waitlists are lists of students who do not have an offer to that program, but want an offer to that particular program. Please contact the High School directly regarding your childs’ place on the waitlist. 


    For students who were unable to take the SHSAT or submit audition materials for LaGuardia High School due to COVID-19, please reach out (or have the family reach out) to HSEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov with the following information: 
  •  Student name and ID number. 
  •  LaGuardia program they applied to (Drama, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Technical Theater, Visual Arts, Dance). 
  • Whether they missed the SHSAT due to COVID-19 and are interested in testing. 
  •  Email used to submit audition materials. 


    Please continue to check for updates at schools.nyc.gov/Highand schools.nyc.gov/SHS. You can subscribe to our high school admissions email list at schools.nyc.gov/SignUpwe’ll send you updates and reminders at key points in the process. 


    *If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms.Iburg@roccolaurie.com * 


           Ms.Movsesian,  8th Grade AP  

           Ms.Iburg, Guidance  Counselor