8th Grade Information

Yearbook Baby Pictures 2022- 2023

Dear Families and Graduates of the Class of 2023:


We are looking forward to many exciting events for this year’s 8th grade graduating class. We are committed to celebrating and commemorating all of the students' accomplishments. In order to achieve this, we are counting on your partnership to meet all deadlines. This will help to ensure that all graduates are recognized and represented in our senior events and yearbook.


Please note all communication and payment opportunities will be via OPEROO.  Please ensure you are checking your Operoo accounts daily. 


This year’s graduation is scheduled for Monday June 26, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. at Wagner College.  In January 2023, 8th grade families will be receiving a timeline of dates for senior events as well as the senior dues letter.  Please note that participation in all senior events and activities is contingent upon behavior and overall academic standing.  Factors that influence a child’s ability to attend senior events include: attendance, lateness, class performance, behavior, effort, attitude, ability to follow directions and overall grades.  Attending senior activities is a privilege that is earned and as such students will be invited to events based on the above mentioned criteria.



Starting Monday, December 5, 2022 thru Friday, December 23, 2022, all 1st period teachers will be collecting baby pictures for the yearbook. Please adhere to the following criteria when submitting a baby picture:


  • 1 baby picture per student (can range from 6 months of age  - 2 years of age) The photo should only be of the student, NO ONE else should be in the photo. 

  •  If the student is a twin or sibling, each student should submit their own photo.  Siblings and twins should not submit a group shot. 

  • The photo should be no larger than a 5x7 size

  • The photo must be brought in and submitted to the period 1 teacher. Please note that photos WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO THE FAMILY.  We recommend making a color copy of the photo and handing in the copy.

  • On the back of the photo the student’s first name, last name and class number should be clearly printed.  If it is not labeled, the photo will not be included in the yearbook. 


 **Last day for baby photo submissions is December 23, 2022.  No pictures can be accepted  after this date.**


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Treglia (Senior Coordinator) at  jtregli@schools.nyc.gov.


Thank you, 


Ms. Movsesian, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Ms. Treglia, 8th Grade Senior Coordinator 



Yearbook Cover 2022- 2023

Attention 8th Grade Graduates Calling All Artists!!! 

Each year our yearbook cover is a representation of the graduating class.  We are asking the class of 2023 to design this year’s cover. Having a student design the yearbook cover is an honor as well as a true testament to being a Bulldog.  

When designing the yearbook cover please be sure to follow the guidelines/requirements below.  Please also take a look at some past examples of the yearbook  for reference. 



    • The design must be on a regular sized piece of white computer paper (8 ½ by 11)
    • Needs to be clear, should take up the entire sheet of paper
    • Should be colorful and vibrant  
  • Your artwork must include the following:  
    • The Police Officer Rocco Laurie Intermediate School 72
    • Class of 2023 
    • School mascot ( bulldog)
    • School motto:  Respect, Loyalty , Service 
    • Use one of the theme listed below to direct your cover design:
  • Class of 2023 the real MVP’s  #UNSTOPPABLE
  • Volume: XLVII
  • 2022-2023
  • Be creative and have fun creating this .  Artwork can be designed using traditional paper and drawing techniques or can be done on the computer.  Please ensure your name is included in your artwork. 


Once you have completed the artwork,  please email Ms. Movsesian (dmovsesian@schools.nyc.gov) and Ms. Treglia (jtregli@schools.nyc.gov) with your submission.  Please keep all original artwork in case we need it. 

Design is due no later than December 23, 2022 .


8th Grade Update for High School Applications

Dear 8th Grade Students and Families, 

When completing your High School application, please use the High School directory on MySchools to assist you in choosing an appropriate program. In order for us to better assist you, please submit the completed application on or before November 28, 2022. The final deadline is December 1, 2022; however, submitting the application early gives us time to make any necessary changes.  It is mandatory that this application is submitted. If it is not submitted, you will forgo the opportunity to make a choice and a match will be chosen for you by the Office of High School Enrollment. 

The Twelve Choices: 

            You have up to twelve choices of programs. The twelve choices DO NOT include any of the eight Specialized High Schools or LaGuardia High School. If you registered for the SHSAT or a LaGuardia audition it is automatically entered on your application. 

Your child will be matched to only ONE of the twelve choices on their application. Rank the programs in order of preference. Please consider travel time and distance for each of your choices. If your child is planning to audition for schools or programs in other boroughs you should be willing to accept the school if he/she is matched to it. Do not list any program/school that you are not willing to accept.  

All high school audition programs (including LaGuardia H.S.) will accept virtual auditions via the “Additional Materials” section in Myschools. 


Tips for Uploading Additional Materials in MySchools:   


  • File Name: Please make sure that the file name does not have special characters like pound signs, hashtags, hyphens, underscore, etc. (#,-,/,_). You will receive an “upload failed” error message if the file contains special characters.   
  • Please attempt multiple browsers if one is not working. We recommend Google Chrome for the best results.  
  • Please attempt uploads on a laptop instead of a mobile device.   
  • For large videos, you can use this website to compress large files  
  • clideo.com/compress-video  
  • If the file was made as a Google doc or SharePoint file, please download as a pdf or Word file.  
  • Do not submit zip files.  
  • Max file size: 500MB per file.  
  • Please be patient with uploads. Do not submit multiple times or multiple files. Submit one file at a time and allow enough time for each file to upload. Submitting multiple times may cause spinning gears to appear and could interfere with uploads. You may need to refresh your browser to view the uploaded materials or close out of your school portal and log back in to view the uploaded additional materials.  
  • If after uploading, you can download an uploaded document and/or view an uploaded video on the students’ biopage, then the upload is successful. If not, check the files based on the steps above and attempt to resubmit after closing and reopening MySchools.   


Resources available NOW!  



As always, if there are any additional questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Iburg at MIburg@schools.nyc.gov or Ms. Conanan at AConanan2@schools.nyc.gov 




Alexandra Conanan, 8th Grade Guidance Counselor 

Morgan Iburg, Coordinator of Student Activities 


Gramercy Arts H.S. Virtual Open House and Auditions


New Dorp High School Open House


Manhattan Arts Consortium