Arista Requirements


At the middle school level, this is when we introduce Arista. Acceptance into Arista, the National Junior Honor Society, is one of the highest academic honors you can achieve. Although the past two years have been quite different from the usual school year, we feel strongly that our students should still be rewarded for the hard work and dedication demonstrated toward their studies, especially during these challenging times. Arista is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who meet the criteria. Even if you were accepted into Arista in a prior year, you MUST APPLY AGAIN for each year you would like to be in Arista.

Arista eligibility is determined by meeting the following criteria for:

● A minimum of a 85% average or P (if applicable) in every subject .

● An minimum , overall average of 92% 

● All applicants must have excellent or satisfactory conduct in all classes. Therefore, any student who receives an N or U in conduct on their report card will not be eligible to apply for Arista.

● Applicants must also fulfill service requirements. Students must show proof of involvement in at least 3 school spirit activities. Students must also show proof of two service activities that have been done during 2022-2023. These activities will be verified by students attaching proof to their applications. (Proof can include a selfie or video of themselves participating in the school spirit activity, or another artifact approved by our Arista Coordinators).

● Students will also have to attach a 250-word essay around the pillars of our school, Respect, Loyalty, Service. How do you embody the three pillars?

● Students must complete the form application below which will be sent out on January 9th 2023 and will be due by April 6th, 2023.

If you or your child has any questions, please email Mr. Rocco, our Arista supervisor, at


Jessica Jackson