2023- 2024 School Updates

Arista Requirements


Laurie's Leadership Society


M. Curran Acting Principal 31R072


Parent Teacher Conferences 11/9/2023





6th and 7th Grade Picture Day Letter


8th Grade Picture Day


Curriculum Night 9/21/23

Dear Rocco Laurie Families,

Please see the attached power point slides for Curriculum Night for each grade and department.

 Curriculum Night - Performing Arts.pdf 

 Curriculum Night - Physical Education.pdf 

 Curriculum Night - Minor Tracks.pdf 

 Curriculum Night - 6th grade.pdf 

 Curriculum Night - 7th grade.pdf 

 Curriculum Night - 8th grade.pdf 




Day 1 Family Updates

Dear Rocco Laurie Families,
Thank you for a successful 1st day of school! We are off to a positive start and look forward to our continued collaboration around the joint goal of educating the whole child during the middle school years.
A Few Important Safety Reminders:
-Please support us in keeping our students safe during arrival and dismissal and reference the Opening Protocols document on our school website: www.is72.org
-Please do not make U-turns around the school or drive past the bus STOP signals on Ferndale Ave.  The first few days take more time than usual to ensure that all of our students are on the correct bus and it takes longer when we have to address these safety issues.
-Morning line-up is now inside. The entrances for each grade are posted in our Opening Protocols document on our website.
Please contact our Parent Coordinator Stephanie Montanez if you have any questions at smontanez2@schools.nyc.gov


Jessica Jackson Principal 

IS 72 Opening Day Protocols

IS 72 Opening Day Protocols
Thursday, September 7, 2023
2023-2024 School Hours: 8:00AM-2:20PM

Morning Arrival Protocols:



Doors open for optional breakfast: 7:30AM (Use Exit 10 at the front entrance on Ferndale Ave.)

Grade Line-up begins: 7:30AM

If you are not eating breakfast, please go directly to your grade's line-up location below:

  •   6th Grade Lineup: Enter through the main entrance on Ferndale Ave.

  •   7th Grade Lineup: Enter through the Cafeteria entrance on Ferndale Ave., Exit 10.

  •   8th Grade Lineup: Enter through Exit 6 near the School Yard (next to the gym). 

  •   Door to Door Bus Students: Arrive on Saxon Avenue and enter at Exit 3 (Auditorium).

Afternoon Dismissal Protocols:

  • Students taking the school bus will be escorted by their last period teachers to the nearest stairwell and exit to their bus. Bus slot numbers are painted on sidewalks to help students locate buses.  There is always plenty of staff around to help.

  • Students being picked up by car or walking home should exit out of the building with their class then proceed to your arranged meeting spot.

  • To ensure the safety of our students during dismissal, please do not park your car in any designated bus areas. (Ferndale Avenue, Saxon Avenue and MerryMount Street). Please arrange an alternate meeting spot for pick-up. We highly recommend you choose a meeting spot for your child prior to the first day of school to avoid confusion at dismissal.

Additional Reminders:

  • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and go outside for recess, weather permitting.

  • Students can receive free lunch from school, or bring their own lunch.  Please note that food deliveries or drop off by parents or services are not permitted. If a student forgets lunch, a school lunch will be provided for them.

  • School supplies are listed on our website. On the first day, plan to bring a notebook, pen/pencil and a tech device if possible.  Laptops are preferred.  If you are in need of a device, please fill out the following google form and devices will be sent home with students starting the second week of September.  

Device Request 2023_2024

  • The School Store is now open:

School Store

The Rocco Laurie school community uses our online store to buy school apparel and gym uniform.

  • Use of cell phones during the school day is strictly prohibited. If you need to contact your child during the school day, call the main office.

           IS 72 CELL PHONE POLICY 

Our new updated bus schedule can be found on our school website: www.is72.org.

Important Links:

School Website: www.is72.org

OPEROO: www.operoo.com


Check your child’s NYCSA account for their class number.


Thank you in advance for your collaboration and partnership. If you have any questions, please check our school website for information or email our Parent Coordinator, Stephanie Montanez at Smontanez2@schools.nyc.gov.


Principal Jackson's Back to School Opening Message

Dear Rocco Laurie Students and Families,
It is with great excitement that I welcome you back to the 2023-2024 school year! As I indicated in my email a few weeks ago, Mr. Rocco has moved on to be the principal at P.S. 58. Mr. Dennis Whitford is our new APO.  Please join me in extending a #BulldogSTRONG welcome to our newest administrator.  Mr. Whitford is looking forward to meeting you at the first PTA meeting in September. 
Whether you vacationed by plane, car, or simply enjoyed the comforts of home in your own backyard, I hope this summer has provided you with the time and space to spend time with family and friends doing the things you love most. As we begin again, I would like to provide you with some important updates regarding the start of the school year. 
First day of school:
Thursday, September 7, 2023
School Schedule and Time:
Monday-Friday, 8:00-2:20
The doors open for breakfast at 7:30. We do not have early drop-off programs. Please do not drop students off earlier than 7:30.
The UAU after school program will begin Monday, September 18, and runs from 2:20-5:00, Monday-Friday.  All information regarding registration can be found on our school's website under "Afterschool".
All parents or guardians are required to create a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) http://mystudent.nyc/ .  A NYC Schools Account is necessary for parents to view their child(ren)’s grades, report cards, attendance history, test scores, graduation tracker, bussing etc. Class codes can be found on NYCSA before the first day of school. Students will receive their official classes on the first day of school.   If you do not have an account, please email Stephanie Montanez, Parent Coordinator at Smontanez2@schools.nyc.gov to obtain the authorization letter to create an account.

We will continue to use Operoo for our communication purposes.  Phone blasts will be made when the need arises. Please ensure that we have your updated contact information on Operoo.  If you need support with OPEROO email Mr. Whitford at DWhitfo@schools.nyc.gov. Please include: Parent name, email, contact number, and student OSIS number.


Please utilize our school website at, www.is72.org for all information, links, and other important 2023-2024 back-to-school updates including device request, online school store (gym apparel and school spirit wear), and calendar.  As of now, OPT has not notified us of any changes to bussing for September as a result of the potential strike. OPT has assured us that if the strike does occur, it will not begin on the first day of school.  Please refer to the DOE website at www.schools.nyc.gov, under "Transportation" for the most updated information and/or or your NYCSA account.
I will be sending another email later this week with the opening day protocols.
In the meantime, enjoy the last few days of summer!

Jessica Jackson Principal