Laurie's Leadership Society Requirements

Laurie's Leadership Society

Dear Rocco Laurie Families,

Laurie's Leadership Society is a prestigious fellowship unique to our school. It serves as a powerful force for good in the greater community of Staten Island, by encouraging and organizing student action to better the world. This society recognizes our students for their exemplary leadership qualities, profound dedication, and service to their community. All students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are eligible to apply. 

To qualify for induction into Laurie’s Leadership Society, you must meet the following criteria:


  1. Proof of 3 merits/acts of community service. Students must submit proof of evidence. For example, pictures or certificates will have to be attached to the application form as evidence. Examples of Community Service listed below:

  • Rocco Laurie team or Club member
  • Tutoring in person or virtual (helping a family member or friend with schoolwork)
  • Helping with chores around your home
  • Babysitting, pet sitting, companion care
  • Helping around the community (raking leaves, shoveling snow, picking up trash etc.)
  • Volunteered to perform in a Performing Arts show/ play/ musical
  • Donating food to the community
  • Donating clothing to the community
  • Participated in filming a Good Morning Bulldogs episode
  • Participate in any school spirit days
  • Participating in an act of kindness;for example (messaging a friend/ family member with a kind word of encouragement, a compliment)
  • Other (please explain below)


  1. All applicants must embody our Community commitments of Being BulldogStrong by having excellent or satisfactory citizenship in all classes. Therefore, any student who receives an N or U on their report card will not be eligible to apply.

  2. Request (via email) a letter from a teacher of your choice who can provide examples of you demonstrating leadership qualities in the classroom. (For example: helping a friend, explaining a topic or concept, joining discussions, asking questions, leading a breakout room etc.) This letter of recommendation will also need to be attached to the application as evidence.

  3. Applicants will be asked to submit a response to the following 3 questions
    1. What does being a good or effective leader mean to you? (1-2 paragraph response)
    2. How do you uphold our school’s 3 Core Values? (Respect, Loyalty, Service) as a leader? (1-2 paragraph response)
    3. What difference do you hope to make as a leader in our community? (1-2 paragraph response)

* Students must complete the Google Form and attach all evidence of performed service activities by March 15, 2024 to be considered for Laurie’s Leadership Society. 

Please click on the form below to submit your application


* Students must submit their applications using their accounts. Submissions from other emails will not be accepted.


If you or your child have any questions, please email Ms. Iburg or Ms.Bermudez for assistance.


We look forward to recognizing our #BulldogSTRONG leaders. 



Jessica Jackson