I.S. 72 Grade Policy 2023-2024

I.S. 72 Grade Policy 2023- 2024

Grading Policy 2022-2023

English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Spanish:

        60%-Assessments (including but not limited to: tests, performance tasks, lab reports, simulations, Socratic seminars, writing pieces, etc.)

        30%-Classwork (task completion, preparedness, punctuality, participation, etc.)

        10%-Homework (assigned on Monday and due on Friday-except Math)

Minor Tracks (ex: Dance, Band, Lego, Art etc.) 

        80% -Participation/Classwork


Physical Education:


        40%-Classwork/Preparedness (students must wear their gym uniform to school on gym days).


*Cheating and plagiarism are strictly prohibited and are addressed in the DOE Discipline Code.

*Late assignments are assessed for credit on a rolling basis.